Why handmade resin fridge magnets are better than machine products?

People love to travel, and also love the memory while they travel around, trip memory indelible and precious. How could we remark on these treasures? Some people prefer to keep some affiliated monuments as a part of their trip recollections. And some sightseer lodestones would like to keep snow globes, fridge attractions, and statues as their special monuments.

Fridge attractions as a veritably important part of megacity monuments, popular for decades formerly. Its small, creative, and affordable price made it to be a great trip gift for musketeers, suckers, or family members. Find Xinfeng fridge magnets as your traveling gifts.

What are fridge attractions?

relate to Wikipedia A refrigerator attraction or fridge attraction is a small attraction, frequently attached to a cultural or capricious garnishment, which may be used to post particulars similar to shopping lists, Christmas cards, child art, or monuments on a refrigerator door, or which simply serves as decoration.

Now some fridge attractions are made with megacity shapes, ocean life, notorious structures, or foods, which make them more creative and cute, so now fridge attractions also treat as veritably important home scenery. As an attractions collector, I have a full wall of a fridge of attractions, every time when I saw them, I can remind the trip memory of them.

What are handmade fridge magnets?

Now we have a rough idea of what are attractions, so about the handwrought attractions, that should mean the attractions made by crafts.

People will have questions on their minds, in currently, we can see crafts on some precious products, for the attractions, why do people contend on hand work on it? That might raise their cost and product time.

Let’s figure out why people still prefer handwrought attractions rather than machine bones

Advantages of handmade fridge magnets

  • 1, Every handwrought craft will have its own characteristic: These products give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of chastity, every single craft has its own story, they look different from others, indeed some of them have small marks or dirt, the same as your traveling recollections, that experience can’t be vented by machine products.
  • 2, handwrought products show the spirit of original crafters: You can be told the inside world of crafters, and partake in their passions, no matter happiness, sadness, or other passions. That made crafts alive.
  • 3, further environmentally friendly: yes, we’ve admitted modernization, and robotization makes our better world, but speaking to the attractions, machine products need further power than handwrought bones, which means, they will beget some environmental problems, if we support handwrought crafts, also we can stay in a better world.

Disadvantages of handmade fridge magnets

Generally speaking, every coin has two sides, handwrought crafts will have their advantages, and also will have their disadvantages.

1, Cost more precious than machine products

These are the main reason why currently, further manufactories choose machines over handmade ones. However, the cost will drop by around 2/3 further than handwrought, If using a machine.

2, Can’t stay the same quality norms

still, it can be hard to keep the yield rate, If using handwrought products. We’ve to admit that mortal beings will easier to make miscalculations than machines, occasionally, humans will prompt by different factors, that will eventually affect their work.

3, product time problems

Eventually, mortal beings need to rest, but now machine, the productivity of the machine always has a better result than a mortal being.

Final words

After all advantages and disadvantages of handwrought crafts, you might have rough ideas of why some people elect handwrought crafts, the others elect machines.

People always have their own reason to choose effects, but in my opinion, handwrought products are better sceneries and trip gifts, as a great part of memory, I don’t want to buy stuff that can be produced far and wide. Xinfeng resin crafts are products by hand, you can check our homepage for products interested.

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