7 Best traveling gifts idea

What to give to someone who is passionate about travel and every vacation he goes to explore new cities and countries? We have chosen useful and enjoyable gifts for traveling memories.

1, T-shirt printed with city name or local specialties

A T-shirt is always a good traveling gift, especially some local T-shirts will print with the city name, local food, local scenery, etc. Which makes that T-shirt to be a great traveling gift. Every time you see the T-shirt, you should remind of the great memories while traveling around the place.

Wear local specialties sometimes treat as a very important part of traveling, while we heading to Thailand, we usually wear “Chut Thai”, and we will wear a “kilt” while we are traveling in Scotland.

2, Fridge magnets

Some people like to travel around the cities, and some fridge magnets are design as tourist souvenirs, which they always made with special local scenery, city shape, city names, cultures, etc.

As a magnets collector, I love to collector magnets in different cities, they remind me of good memories while I sit in my kitchen, and they are great home decor and gifts. You can also find Xinfeng fridge magnets here, they will also be great gifts for friends.

3, Local civilization products

Also, as a big part of local cultures, some tourist cities have their own civilization products, which can also be a great traveling gifts idea.

These civilization’s products can be a mug, cute statues in their myths and legends, special craft products, or other souvenirs.

While I traveling in a small city in China, I found a cute mug printed with their famous building, I bought it as a gift for my little boy, and now every time he drinks water with the mug, that traveling memory reminds him. It is been my best gift ever.

4, Postcard with a local postmark

Every city has its own postcard, which is always together with their special and famous building or sceneries. So it becomes a great traveling gift since it has city memory in it.

But there has a very important part, which is don’t forget to stamp with the local postmark on a postcard! the stamp makes the postcard alive in some ways, that is the steps and proof that you have been to the cities.

5, local specialty food

Some cities have their own specialty food, which could also be a great traveling gift, especially since some specialty food can not be sent by packages or there are only a few online stores that sell them.

I usually bought some specialty food while traveling, I will leave half of the day to seek them. once upon a time, I traveled in Spain, and I bring a ham as a traveling gift for my friends.

6, Books in local languages, preferably books introducing the local history and culture

Culture also can be great traveling gifts, the books in local languages introducing local history and culture can be the best of the best. Since some tourist destination is a very small city, they only release several books in local markets, then the books can be great and unique traveling gifts then.

7, Photos of local attractions

Last but not least things, people love to take photos while traveling somewhere, the photos of local attractions can be great gifts for your friends also, you can simply print the photos and put them into a frame, then it can be great decors and gifts.

I always take photos while traveling, I cherish every moment with family, I will print all the photos together with family members, should their smiles and traveling memories be a great part of my home decor. I would like to share that moment with my friends after the party.

Last words

Traveling is always great, and the traveling memories should be our great moments, too, how to keep that great times, everyone has their own ways, hope the above 7 ideas can help you a little with your traveling memories.

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