What are the different types of fridge magnets

There are different types of material used as the surface of fridge magnets. Different material shows different usage or advantages. How to pick a nice and fittable material though? We will list some types of material below and compare them with their characteristic. If you want to learn more about fridge magnets, you can visit the wiki pages here:

1, Metal fridge magnets

As we all know, metal is a stable and durable material, but there also will have some shortages while using metal as fridge magnets, we will list the advantages and shortages below:

The advantages of metal:

  • stable and durable
  • well decorated with refrigerator steel doors
  • can be produced by machine with ready mold

Also the shorts:

  • influent by metal, can not be colorful, which might reduce some creative and fun
  • mold cost hight
  • can not show every detail beautiful

2, PVC fridge magnets

Pvc fridge magnets or rubber fridge magnets are also very popular among collectors, since their special advantages:

  • lightweight and easy-to-transfer shape
  • cheap and cost-effective

but still, PVC fridge magnets have all PVC’s disadvantages:

  • not so environmentally friendly
  • easy broken, damage
  • easy to be dirt, marked

3, Wood fridge magnets

As a big part of fridge magnets, wood should not be ignored, wood ornaments also can be a great part of home decor, if you are big fan of wood crafts, you should never miss it.

Advantages of wood fridge magnets:

  • Nice look and easy to carved
  • lightweight and textured

also its shortages:

  • hard to maintenance
  • expensive

4, resin fridge magnets

Resin art should always play a role in the art, since the resin has strong plasticity, and also some other factors:

  • strong plasticity and easy to be carved into any shape and style you want, best for 3D design
  • cost-effective
  • durable, colorful, and stable

When it comes to the disadvantages:

  • fragile
  • easy to be dirt and marked

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Above are 4 main styles of fridge magnets, you can pick one favorite style or all of them stick on your refrigerators, but reminds one thing, too many styles should not be in the same place. Otherwise, it is not decorating your home.

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