What is resin? and why it is popular.

Someone new to crafts and souvenirs will have no idea of what is resin, In this article, we will talk about resin and why it is so popular.

what is resin?

Talking about souvenirs, even fridge magnets, there have different materials, we’ve heard a lot about metal, PVC, wood, etc… So what is resin, and what is the difference between different materials?

Refer to the wiki:

In polymer chemistry and materials scienceresin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers.[1] Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds. This article focuses on naturally occurring resins.

It is very clear to describe what is resin, Resin materials are liquid synthetic materials. Due to its liquid form, the resin is versatile and easy to process. Therefore, the resin is very popular in making figurines, statues, and sculptures.

Why are resin souvenirs popular?

We already discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different materials for souvenirs, check our before blog here

resin vs metal vs wood vs PVC

1, From a cost

Metal should be the most expensive material in this part, so it would be: Metal>wood>resin>PVC

2, From “art”

Since different material has their own advantages, from the angle, the resin can be the perfect material to make different shape of art, for metal, due to its characteristic, it can be very hard to be the color you want. Wood is hard to maintain, and the PVC looks cheap, so it would be: resin>PVC>wood>metal

and also, if your souvenir is broken, the resin one can be fixed very easily without any experience, you can check we have a video of how to fix broken resin fridge magnets.

So resin can be very popular since its advantages.

What is the resin souvenir idea?

In this part, we would like to show some creative resin fridge magnets ideas for reference.

1, Island shape

2, Sea life

3, creative opener

4, Creative fridge magnets

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