How to make your own resin crafts

Resin crafts can be a very great home decor stuff. There have a lof resin crafts sold by the souvenir shops, but everyone might have a dream craft on their mind, so that might even better to make their own resin crafts. Then how to make your own resin crafts at home? Let’s see and figure it out.

At the very beginning, we will try to break the whole thing into parts, so that can be easy to understand for beginners.

Firstly, we will need to create a silicone mold

At this part, we should prepare things as follow:

  • A box cutter
  • A cup
  • A popsicle stick
  • A bigger cup with measurements
  • A hot glue gun
  • A ready craft(should start with a small one)
  • A silicone mold material(you can buy it from Walmart or somewhere else )

Ok, after preparing the stuff above, now we can start making the silicone mold.

Let’s get started on this alright the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take the cut and using your box cutter you’re gonna cut the top-off cups so you can see straight through. The next thing you’re gonna glue the bottom of it to the board. Then glue the cup together with the base, it will be better to use more glue to put the base and cup stick together.

After sticking the base and cup, now we will need to prepare our silicon mold material, while your silicon mold liquid ready, we can drop the liquid slowly and smooth it into the hole of the cup we cut before, we can keep dropping the liquid into the cup slowly till it fills every single part of crafts and cup, plz be careful that we should pop the liquid on the cup couple times in case all liquid full fill in.

After a few times, you will see the silicon liquid is solidification, now we can try to use the box cutter to split the cups and mold, we will need to slow down and get more patient till the craft drip out the mold. Then we get the mold cured.

Secondly, we can start a sculpture

At this part, we will still need some prepare also:

  • rubber band
  • resin
  • pigment

Now we can put the rubber band to put the cutted mold back together, be careful, we should not use the band to close the mold too tight.

Then we will fill the hole of the mold with resin, In this part, we should keep the same as the silicon mold one, slow and patient till all the liquid is filled in the mold. And after a moment, the liquid solidification, we should slow to the pill of the silicon mold, now, boom, we got our own crafts!

Finally, you can pick pigment to paint the craft in your own style, now you can see what you got after a few works. It might be tiring but worthwhile to see your own craft sit there.

Or you can check the original video here, and if you want to find a resin craft manufacturer you can check our web here

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