Crafting with Resin: How to Make Your Own Fridge Magnets

Resin fridge magnets are easy to make, and you don’t need any special skills to get started. The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. You’ll need:

  • Resin (there are different types of resin available, such as epoxy, polyester, or UV resin, but for fridge magnets, epoxy resin is the best choice)
  • Silicone molds or cookie cutters
  • Mixing cups and stirrers
  • Gloves and safety glasses (to protect your skin and eyes from the resin)
  • Magnets
  • Optional: Colorants (such as mica powder or liquid pigment), glitter, dried flowers, or other embellishments

To make the magnets, you’ll first need to mix the resin according to the instructions on the packaging. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area and follow the safety precautions, as some resins can be toxic. Once you have mixed the resin, you can add colorants, glitter, or other embellishments to it.

Next, pour the resin into your chosen molds or cookie cutters. Make sure to fill them only halfway or two-thirds full, as the resin will expand as it cures. Then, place the magnets on top of the resin. You can use small round magnets or cut larger magnets into smaller pieces. Make sure the magnets are fully submerged in the resin.

Finally, allow the resin to cure according to the instructions on the packaging. This can take several hours or even overnight. Once the resin is fully cured, you can remove the magnets from the molds or cookie cutters.

Popular designs and techniques for resin fridge magnets

Resin fridge magnets can be made in any design you like, but here are some popular ideas to get you started:

  • Ocean and beach-themed magnets: These magnets are perfect for summer or for people who love the beach. You can add sand, shells, or miniature sea creatures to create a realistic ocean or beach scene. For example, you can make a beach umbrella, a lighthouse, or a surfboard.
  • Galaxy and space-themed magnets: These magnets are visually stunning and fun to create. You can use different colors and glitter to create a galaxy or space scene. You can make a planet, a spaceship, or a constellation.
  • Geometric and abstract magnets: These magnets are versatile and modern. You can create clean lines and angles, and incorporate different colors and textures. You can make a hexagon, a diamond, or a modern art-inspired design.
  • Resin photo magnets: These magnets are a great way to preserve memories and make personalized gifts. You can print photos on transparency film or use photo transfer paper to transfer images onto the resin. You can make photo magnets of your family, your pets, or your favorite places.

Tips and tricks for making resin fridge magnets

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the best resin fridge magnets possible:

  • Work in a clean and organized area: Resin can be messy, so it’s important to work in a clean and organized area. Cover your work surface with plastic or parchment paper to protect it from spills and drips.
  • Use a release agent: Silicone molds can sometimes stick to the resin, making it difficult to remove the magnets. To prevent this, you can use a release agent such as cooking spray or petroleum jelly. Apply a thin layer to the inside of the mold before pouring in the resin.
  • Experiment with color and texture: Resin fridge magnets can be made in any color you like. You can also add glitter, dried flowers, or other embellishments to create texture and interest. Experiment


Resin fridge magnets are a fun and easy craft project that can be customized to fit any theme or style. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can make beautiful and functional magnets that will add a personal touch to your fridge or magnetic surface. Remember to follow safety precautions when working with resin and experiment with different designs and techniques to find your own unique style. Happy crafting!

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